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Easy Business Imprints is a total electronic imprints solution that lets users in an office or home fill in forms, print business forms, business cards, letterhead, imprinted envelopes and labels easily. It's an ideal choice for small businesses or homes to leverage their existing PC and Printer, saving substantial paperwork and commercial printing costs.
With Acro Software's exclusive Choose-and-Use technology, custom imprints are produced from a library. This means no designing or programming is required! Even a beginning PC user can create custom business forms, business cards, letterhead, imprinted envelopes and labels within minutes.

Key Features:
  • Creating from the Imprints Library
    Instead of time-consuming learning and designing,  you get custom imprints using familiar templates (e.g. purchase orders, invoices, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, address labels, etc.) in Easy Business Imprints. 
  • Fully Editable Imprint Information
    You can enter imprint information while creating or later on. Also, Easy Business Imprints allows users to define the typeface, text style, size, and color of the information. 
  • Easy Imprints Document Management
    Files are kept in an intuitive document list of Easy Business Imprints. You will never forget where your imprints are.
  • Form Filling
    Easy tab-and-type entry makes filling out forms simple, and with AutoFill, drop-down choices, and automatic calculations you get perfect results every time. The automatic database keeps a record of all your entries, which you can search, sort, and update on your PC.
  • Multiple Pages and Multi-Parts Forms
    Easy Business Imprint lets you fill out multiple-page and multi-parts forms easily.
  • Imprints Printing
    You can print forms from Easy Business Imprints. You have a choice of printing the blank form for manual usage, just the data entered in a form, or both the form and its information. If you choose to print just a form’s data, you can print it over a preprinted form placed in your printer. Most forms are compatible with the standard window envelope.
    You can also print letterhead, envelopes, business cards and labels from Easy Business Imprints easily. 
  • Fine Print Tuning
    With the fine print tuning feature, you can adjust any printer misalignment you may encounter. This is useful if you want to print data over a label precisely.
  • Easy Backup and Restore
    With built-in backup and restore features, users can easily secure and recover their files in Easy Business Imprints. 
  • E-mail Compatibility
    Easy Business Imprints is compatible with MAPI compatible electronic mail applications (e.g. Outlook Express). Sending a completed proposal, work order, invoice or statement as a PDF file is just a simple click.
  • Designing Your Own Imprints
    Easy Business Imprints provides a powerful, intuitive design tool (Imprints Design) for advanced users. Imprints Design makes designing and editing quick and easy and gives you extensive control over the way your imprints look and operate.
System Requirements:
  • Win 95(OSR2)/98/NT 4.0/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • 40MB free hard disk space
  • SVGA monitor 800x600, 16-bit color
  • CD-ROM drive, Mouse, Printer